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From the cassette tape album "I'm In Love With A Martian" and the 1988 album-Golden leaves. (Live songs Craig Barr Guitar, Vocals, Drums-Rodger Gorey, Bass-Wayne Heller.

Golden Leaves

All songs(c)1988 Craig Barr. All songs except live- (Don Stroffollino-Drums), (Piano-John Ford), (Pedal Steel Guitar-Steve Sylvia), (Saxophone-Ken Bellettie) ( Guitar, Bass, Harmonica and Vocals-Craig Barr). Golden Leaves is about always being young as we grow old. Just as a tree survives each season, in Fall the leaves turn brown and fall off for Winter, but each Spring the same tree grows new leaves of bright green just as each person must adapt to change at some point in life-we are still a tree with leaves of green.

You're The Woman

Don't ...Unless The Register Rings

The song-"It Don't Mean A Thing Unless The Register Rings" has a great story to it, this is a true story!-One night in 1990 the "Craig Barr and Grill band" were booked to play at a club on RT 52 in Carmel NY called "Smalley's". We had our usual four piece band which consisted of Bass, Drum's, Saxophone and Guitar. Our Drummer-"Rodger Gorey" was drinking a bit at the gigs back in 1990 (sorry Rodger) and would fall of his drum stool during each gig and each set like clockwork. The 1st set he would fall off his stool after 10 tunes. The second set he would fall off every other song. The 3rd set Rodger would fall off his stool each song and by the fourth and last set Rodger would fall off of his drum stool 3 to 4 times during each tune while the large rowdy crowd cheered him on and would down their drinks every time he fell. Luckily there was a radio DJ in the crowd who was a drummer and filled in and ranted on his radio show how great our band was when the truth was that everyone just had a great time and we were drunk! I know I recorded the show. After the gig I asked the club owner how we sounded and he opened up his till stuffed with cash and said "See for yourself" "You guys sounded great"!!! "I want you back in two weeks"! I put together a band of studio musicians for the gig and we did sound great but there wasn't enough time to promote the gig so the club was empty but the musicians sounded wonderful and the tape clearly demonstrated that. But when I asked the club owner how we sounded he opened a sparse till almost empty and said "Not too good tonight"! "You guys sounded like crap"!, "see for yourself"! I then realized that a bar gig is not a concert and it dose not matter how you sound, "It Don't Mean A Thing Unless The Register Rings"!!!

I'm In Love With A Martian

Don't Make Me See Red