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Photo Gallery
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Pictures of Craig Barr and the Craig Barr and Grill Band

1984 with Lynne Murray, Mike Silver and Sexy Sadie
The Woman on Bass was great but since my head injury-"goat attack" I forgot her name!

Peter Brainen, The Late Matt Peterson, Rodger,
1986-Peter is on sax, The late Matt -Peterson-Bass Donny Strofollino on Drums

1985 at the Mohegan Lake Mall.
I was thin enough to actually wear white!

1986-Rodger, Me, Pete Seeger, George & Tom.
Pete Seeger was a great sport. We openend for the "Sloop Singers 8 year in a row. Tom-"More Sugar".

1986-Dallas Restaraunt. My 1952 Guild 175B.
We played jazz in the bar during dinner and then moved our equipment into the hall, 7 hour gig!

I always wear black?
I was lucky enough to have clothes with the money they paid! 7 hr gig!

1984 with the "Sooner or Later Band.
Glen Smith, Artie Bower, Rick the dick and my 1979 Gibson ES-345.

Ken Green, Steve Sylvia, Artie and me-1986.
Ken Greene is one of my best friends so why did I make him play in the dark? Steve-Steel Guitar.

1990-Benefit for "Desert Shield. The Paramount. NY
Tom Purcell and George on harmonica, Joe Gianini-Bass, Ken Beletti-Sax, Rodger, Mr Mass & C.B.

1972 with Steve Gaddy and a load of tough Aussies.
I was 15 in 72 and played a mean harmonica, I don't know what I did to make an instrument so angry!

The late great Ken Kino playing the Les Paul.
Ken Kino was an expert in "Blues History". Ken suffered from chronic head pain, Dr's refused to help