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About "About Craig Barr". We'll for the 1st 12 years of my life I was a kid. I was born naturally and not in a lab. This happened in Queens NY. At fifteen I joined my first band with "Steve Gaddy" who in 1972 was still a radio DJ for WYSP in Philadelphia.

By 1977 I was an accomplished guitarist and was living in Long Beach NY were my buddies and I would record at "Mood Studios" which was right on the ocean (a great source for inspiration).

Fate brought me to Northern Westchester in 1972 and by 1978 I was a permanent resident. Later on cars and trains would bring me back and forth.

I recorded my 1st album "Completely Craig Barr" in early 1985 and had 1000 pressed. So now I was sitting on a bunch of vinyl records while my musician friends wondered how I was going to unload all of them. Lucky for me I had sales experience selling door to door and I took my records "Business to Business". By the summer of 1985 I was out of stock and had another thousand printed with a different color label.

I used "Disco Jackets" which were plain black but had an empty circle to just show the label and that is when I had the idea of having a photo of myself on one side of the album and the information (songs, musicians and everything else I could fit on side A).

Back then a vinyl record cost 60 cents while a full color jacket was dollars. The "Disco Jackets" were 15 cents.

By the time I was finished with my second album-"Another Side of Craig Barr" I was contacted by independent record agents who advertised obscure artists like myself through Goldmine magazine and other resources. This took a load off of my daily grind of wearing out boots selling records and these folks bought over 10 thousand records and even helped me with the artwork for my third and final vinyl record-"Golden Leaves". If you Google The Craig Barr and Grill Blues Band "Another Side of Craig Barr" there are people still selling them for big bucks.

I now do small amounts of CD's but I am in the process of re-releasing my vinyl records.

So, tell people about Craig Barr through this website. Thanks-Craig Barr.